My skills

It's been some years now that I develop computer programs.
I'm also developing some apps for Android and iOS devices.
I'm sometimes working on web applications.

My projects

You will find below two personal projects that I really want to share with you.
Mobile Werewolf

Mobile Werewolf

Mobile Werewolf is an unofficial mobile version of the famous board game Mafia. The concept is simple : you and your friends are the inhabitants of a strange village where some of you turn into nasty werewolves at night.



Bac-o-math-iques (or just Bacomathiques) is a small app (but also a website) that contains everything you need to revise maths in the french scholar system from the Première to the Terminale ! If you need pass an exam or you just want to revise your lesson : everything is possible and everything is free.

If you want to see more projects, feel free to check out my Github profile. If you like what I do, or if you just want to support me, then you can make a donation using PayPal.

Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated !

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